Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes

Remove surface dust, dirt and grime and buff your leather gear to a lustrous shine after every ride with Oakwood’s Everyday Leather & Synthetic Wipes.

These convenient wipes are extra large and extra thick to make covering large surface areas a snap. The unique formulation uses caranuba wax to moisturize your leather gear, prevent fading and help maintain softness as it protects from the effects of everyday wear and tear.

When used regularly as part of a complete leather care system, this product helps maintain and improve the resiliency and durability of all your leather riding gear, ensuring it stays in quality condition for years to come.

Suitable for leather saddles, riding boots and shoes, and all other leather tack accessories.


Quality Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us.





Step 1: Gently peel back resealable sticker and remove wipe from pack.
Step 2: Wipe down leather surface and allow to dry naturally.
Step 3: Buff surface with a soft cloth to shine.

Note: Use Leather & Synthetic Wipes as often as needed to surface clean, shine and protect leather gear.

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