Oakwood Leather Oil (6-Pack)

Keep your new leather riding gear soft and pliable, or nourish and restore old gear with Oakwood’s Leather Oil for leather saddles, tack, and accessories.

A perfect blend of lanolin neatsfoot oil and other fine leather conditioning oils combine to help maintain the supple quality of new leather while preventing further drying and deterioration of older leather items.

When used regularly as part of a complete leather care system, this product helps maintain and improve the resiliency and durability of all your leather riding gear, ensuring it stays in quality condition for years to come.

This product is suitable for leather saddles, bridles, harnesses, and other leather tack accessories.

 Now 100% made in the USA

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Step 1: Remove all fittings and buckles.
Step 2: Wipe down leather surfaces with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt, dust, hair or moisture.
Step 3: Apply oil to leather using a soft, damp cloth.
Step 4: Rub well before wiping off excess cleaner with a dry cloth.

Note: Be sure to remove cleaner from tooling areas and stitching channels to ensure surface is completely cleaned and ready for conditioning.